A call of happiness

“Dhaara jo gaana” said Amma, whose eyes sparkled with love. Her face wore a broad smile as she readied cups of chai for us. Amma was inviting us to accompany her for a journey to ‘Dhaar’ in the upper mountains with her small cattle family. Amma was to stay at her mud and stone home […]

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The legend of the mystical Dzi.

Far away in the mountains of Ladakh, the prayer flags fluttered from a distance, while I indulged in many a Gur Gur cha’s listening to this 90 year old grandmother spin mystical tales for me, as her prayer wheel chanted ‘Om mani padme hum’ in circles. The Ladakhis, Tibetans and inhabitants of ancient villages of […]

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Zen on the road

I am just a woman who loves to travel. Travel to me is life. My solo journeys have been an accumulation of blessings and lessons that I will cherish all my life. Although solo is about setting out alone, the beauty is that in this universe, no one is really alone. There’s a sense of shared […]

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