Hello all, I am Divya Prasad. I am a writer, obsessive compulsive traveller and energy healer. I  love travelling with my tongue and ears, backpacking stories.  My heart belongs to the Himalayas. I have been mostly travelling solo for the past nine years.  I was living in Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh for the past eight months, exploring the length and breadth of the mountains. Prior to this, I was in Ladakh, walking the frozen river and also volunteering for a film on young Tibetan women’s football team. Previously, I was shuffling between my copy writing job and travelling. My sole passion for travel led me to give up my full-time writing job in advertising and digital media and pursue travel for the rest of my life. Currently, I am freelancing, practicing energy healing and documenting stories for my travel blog.  I started off with my blog last year after a sabbatical from advertising to travel .My blog is still at a nascent stage, but I am looking forward to keep adding my stories to it. It’s been five years I have been moving  homes from village to village in the Himalayas. I am yet to add more stories to my blog as internet connection is a privileges high up in the mountains..  Even though I have travelled a lot, I am new in the travel blogging circuit. I gave up my advertising job to pursue travel as it satisfies my soul like nothing else. I have slow travelled solo extensively across India.  I have backpacked solo on a shoe-string across the tribal circuit of Himachal Pradesh as well as Jammu and Kashmir. During my travels, I have decrypted the lives of Brokpa tribe, lived in the highest inhabited village in Spiti, met the mummified monk of Giu village in Spiti, camped by the Chandratal lake in its bluest glory, explored the lesser known villages of Parvati valley,  trekked up to the last Indian village in Chitkul, warmed my heart to the frozen river of Zanskar, trekked up to crystal caves in Himalayas, explored the Baltistan village of Turtuk, tripped around the Konkan coatstal strip, trekked extensively in the Himalayas and backpacked a whole lot of soulful stories.  Pahari miniature painting is one more thing I picked up during my stay in the mountains. Throughout my travels so far, my interest lied in exploring non-touristy and lesser known treks, cultures and destinations. And will travel a lot more this year. I wish to expand my career in writing and contribute to the travel industry in India.  I am just back in Mumbai for a break and bumped into this contest. Beyond that, I am a cultural sponge who loves books, travel, nature, food, art, music and dancing. Over the years, I learnt that travel expands your world and also the worlds of the ones you explore. It’s a way to connect on a common ground with the world and experience all the beautiful experiences it offers. As I fill my backpack with stories, I leave the stories of my world with the souls I meet on my journeys. I believe that dreams do come true, if backed by a strong will. This very spirit, combined with the blessings of the universe has taken me to places and enriched my life with soulful experiences. I say, you don’t need a fat pocket, just a fat will power to travel and be happy. So here I am, to explore and set off on an exciting journey.  I am more than happy to share my travels with you all. Come; let me take you on a virtual journey through my world of experiences and stories. I am more than happy to share my travels with you all.  🙂




11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Divya for sharing your travels. It is such a beautiful journey! Hope to keep reading more of it, and maybe even listen to them first-hand, next time our journeys bring us together, as part of the same moment…


  2. Wow that’s really great to follow ur dreams .. all d best u really inspire to follow dream .. all d best .. hope to catch up wid u soon


  3. Divya- my name is Joel and I am the CEO of RedrawLife. My company is developing a travel platform that is curated, promoted and organised by travellers.

    I figured this might be of interest to you given the opputunity to share and promote your passion to a larger audience.

    I would love to get your feedback even if you are not interested in this now. Do you have 20 mins this week? It looks like am open on Tuesday 1pm or 2pm IST if either may work.

    Checkout our website here https://www.redrawlife.com/



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