Zen on the road

I am just a woman who loves to travel. Travel to me is life. My solo journeys have been an accumulation of blessings and lessons that I will cherish all my life. Although solo is about setting out alone, the beauty is that in this universe, no one is really alone. There’s a sense of shared […]

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Lug Valley: Of love and sunshine

Here’s a tale of love from the ancient farmlands of Lug Valley in the north-west of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. In the mustard fields, forests and traditional ‘Kath-khuni’ houses of the last village Telang; I was welcomed by yet another tale of yore. With a rosy blush on their cheeks, the locals spun this sweet tale of […]

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The oiled rocks of Jispa

Here’s a tale to chill your bones, from the cold deserts of Jispa, Himachal Pradesh. I had set out to explore the villages enroute Baralacha, and  I was accompanied by this local storyteller. He suggested that I keep my eyes fixed on the right side of the stretch leading me to Jispa. I take the […]

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