Lug Valley: Of love and sunshine

Here’s a tale of love from the ancient farmlands of Lug Valley in the north-west of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. In the mustard fields, forests and traditional ‘Kath-khuni’ houses of the last village Telang; I was welcomed by yet another tale of yore. With a rosy blush on their cheeks, the locals spun this sweet tale of […]

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The oiled rocks of Jispa

Here’s a tale to chill your bones, from the cold deserts of Jispa, Himachal Pradesh. I had set out to explore the villages enroute Baralacha, and  I was accompanied by this local storyteller. He suggested that I keep my eyes fixed on the right side of the stretch leading me to Jispa. I take the […]

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The legend of Khopdi.

Here’s a tale from 21 Gata loops taking you to an altitude of 15, 302 ft on the Manali-Leh higway. It’s about a water-loving, beedi-smoking ghost who protects the drivers and travellers on this hairpin stretch of sandstone dunes and narrow twisty roads. As I looped through this winding stretch, the driver of our van […]

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On my travels, I have encountered beautiful stories from people and places. I wish to give back to these journeys by sharing it with everyone. This year, I will start with Folklores.  From the Baralachha pass to the cold deserts of Spiti and Ladakh, verbal footnotes have led me to these tales. Ones that have […]

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A travelling nose

  I have always had a thing for smells. Fragrances. Aromas. Some of people. Some of places. Like the chilly mountain air. The smell of rain. Some familiar. Some rare. Some that stir. There are smells that were really close to me but haven’t visited my surface for long. Like long lost friends in their […]

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